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Best Furniture For Small Spaces

22 Apr, 2020 | Tips & Advice

In smaller properties or even homes with smaller rooms, choosing the right-sized furniture can make all the difference between your home feeling comfortable or just plain cramped! Here are our top tips for furniture for small spaces.

The Kitchen

When looking for furniture for a small kitchen, especially if it’s is your go-to area for dining, be smart about how you use your kitchen bench. Stools can be a great option for seating, and those with slimline profiles suit smaller spaces – just look out for ones that aren’t too tall or too wide. 

If you don’t have a suitable kitchen bench, a fold-down table that can be hung on the wall or placed discreetly behind a door is ideal, paired with stools that can slide under it when in use.

The Bedroom

Probably the most important piece in terms of furniture for a small bedroom is, not surprisingly, your bed! First up, don’t choose a bed that’s too large for the room, as you’ll want to allow for at least one bedside table. Ensemble beds are a good option as they don’t have the additional bulk of a bedframe or a headboard, which can make the room feel really cramped. Alternatively, choose a bed (like a futon) that will sit fairly low to the ground. 

Bedside tables can be round or square as long as they fit snugly beside your bed. The focus should be on minimalising their visual bulk, so opt for ones with thin legs and possibly only one draw with nothing underneath, to maintain a sense of airflow.

The Dining Room

In terms of compact furniture for your dining room, opt for a round table with a small prolife that can pushed against a wall or in a corner rather than square-ish shapes that take up more room. A light, bright and contemporary table with thin legs (even a larger coffee table) made from lighter materials – perhaps even a glass top – will make the room feel more open. Darker, heavier materials like timber will weigh the room down significantly.

Look for dining chairs that allow the air to flow through them and avoid chairs with high backs as they can look imposing. Also make sure they fully tuck under the table, and avoid ones that have arms that will hit the table top – you’ll have to sit further out from the table, which will take up more room!

The Living Room

In terms of furniture for a small living room, your sofa should have a small profile with thin legs, a low back and not be too deep. It should also be raised off the ground to assist with airflow, and the arms of the sofa should not be too chunky to help with a minimalist look.

A round side table made from lighter materials will help de-clutter the room. Again, the legs should be thin and if possible, the height of the table should sit below the height of your sofa (when you’re sitting down). Pedestal tables that have a slender base usually tuck into small spaces easily and their (almost) leg-free base means there is room for one more friend around it! 

Armless chairs with an upright profile or a stack of stools can work for when guests visit. And the perfect small-scale furniture solution for the living room? Poufs. Available in a range of colours and fabrics, they can double up as extra seats, footstools or even side tables (just top with a tray!) 

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