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Can You Remove Ink Stains From A Leather Couch?

9 Sep, 2015 | Tips & Advice

Accidents happen, and more often than we would like they involve an expensive piece of furniture. Before you get disheartened, see if there is anything you can do to rectify the problem.

You have a gorgeous couch that is perfect in your living room; it really pulls the décor together. Unfortunately that stain doesn’t! Whatever you do, don’t just get a cloth and start scrubbing. Sometimes your attempts to remove ink from leather could be doing more harm than good! Here are some other ideas.

What does Google suggest?

Odds are, when you lack the information you need, your first thought is to see what Google recommends. You are not alone in this thought and while sometimes the internet is spot on, other times it can have devastating effects. Consider all the possible outcomes that you may achieve when seeking advice online.

Suede aka unfinished leather – Unfortunately suede is an extremely porous fabric which means attempts to remove the stain yourself could result in even more damage than there initially was. Professionals often find this combination difficult to work with!

Hairspray or rubbing alcohol – Apparently soaking a cotton ball with hairspray or rubbing alcohol and applying it to the ink immediately will assist in stain removal. As a result of these products drying out leather you must follow this step with leather cleaner and conditioner to reduce the risk of the leather cracking and a greasy residue.

Ink sticks – While these can be expensive, they are designed to assist when accidents like this happen.

Magic eraser – What can you not use one of these for? The internet is full of ideas and uses for the magic eraser!

Soap based solution – In an effort to be gentler on your leather, Google users suggest a soap-based solution to wipe the stain instead of alternative harsher chemicals that could cause your leather to crack.

Act immediately – Whether taking the DIY route or consulting a professional, you should act immediately before the ink has time to spread. The longer a stain has to set in, the tougher it will be to remove.

Scrub or wipe – Wiping is the better option of two as scrubbing can result in the finish on the leather being removed.

Every remedy is accompanied by risk and it is important to consider whether they are risks you are willing take when you try to remove ink from leather.

If you are not confident with trying DIY options to remove ink from leather, then there are professionals who are skilled and trained in this area. They will take the pressure and stress off you and could potentially save you having to buy a new couch! Get in touch with Mobile Upholstery today on 1300 10 15 10.

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