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Benefits Of Becoming A Franchisee

  • The backing of our high-quality workmanship and guaranteed efficiency
  • Hands on experience
  • Competitive pricing and first class professionalism
  • A fully equipped van
  • Flexibility in your work
  • Direct technical helpline for onsite advice

Be Your Own Boss

Are you interested in expanding your professional horizons without risk and uncertainty? If so, then the Lounge Repair Guys have what you need. At the Lounge Repair Guys, we are Australia’s only mobile upholstery repairer.

We take pride in providing fast service and quality workmanship to both private and commercial clients. However, there is more that we can offer you.

We can provide you with a comprehensive marketing strategy as an entry point into our mobile upholstery repairs network. This marketing strategy includes social media presence, a fully integrated website, branded signage for your work vehicle and access to a national call centre that will receive and distribute customers’ inquiries/leads and job requests.

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Franchise Package From $45,000 + GST*

At the Lounge Repair Guys, our aim is to help facilitate your success.

To do this, we offer a two-week training course for all franchisees, at our head office in Queensland. This includes a skills based approach to technical repairs, managing your territory, our CRM system, basic bookkeeping, generating sales and building a client base. Additionally, we offer 24/7 technical and marketing support for all franchisees. We also equip your van, with all the necessary tools and features. Of course, as a franchisee, you automatically gain access to our strong branding. When you join us, you become part of an established brand that leads the market in mobile upholstery repairs.

Year Started 2009
Initial Investment From $45,000 + gst (depending on Territory)
Franchise Term 5 years
Concept Mobile furniture repair technician
Marketing Advantages
  • High conversion central website to generate a consistent flow of new leads for your franchise area
  • #1 SEO performance (organic Google rankings) in all existing areas and proven roll out plan for all new franchisee areas for long-term lead generation
  • 3 month Google AdWords boost included for all new franchises to guarantee initial leads
  • Branded signage for your van plus professional uniforms
  • Print marketing package including business cards and promotional fliers
  • Established local brand recognition, positive word of mouth and strong repeat business
Customer Profile
  • Private individuals
  • Commercial offices and retail
  • National retail and manufacturing brands
Training & Support
  • 2 week intensive initial training at our head office
  • Direct access to technical training when you need it
  • Ongoing product development and training in all new innovations
  • Admin and CRM support 
  • On-job technical support
  • National call centre that will receive and distribute customers’ inquiries/leads and job requests.
Tools & Equipment
  • Everything you need to start repairs from day one is included in your starter pack (excluding your van)
  • Leather tools and products
  • Upholstery hand tools and equipment
  • Upholstery products
  • Wood repair kit and sewing kit
  • Initial stock of resale products
Your Qualifications
  • Self motivated
  • Enjoy hand-on roles
  • Ability and willingness to follow the franchisees systems and processes

*Initial Investment is dependant on Territory

Become part of an established brand

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Simple 10-Step Franchisee Launch Process

Investing in a franchise is a large career move, and it can be very rewarding.

To ensure that you are confident in your investment, we have developed a ten-step launch process. This process covers all points of starting out as a franchisee with the Lounge Repair Guys.

  • 1Make an initial enquiry
  • 2We will schedule an initial interview
  • 3You sign our confidentiality agreement, to proceed to the next stages
  • 4Fill out a franchise application
  • 5We will begin the formal interviewing process, which includes on-location business discovery with the Lounge Repair Guys team including onsite observation with a current technician
  • 6You make a $5,000 deposit
  • 7We will send you franchise documents, which you can sign and hold for a 14 day period
  • 8After 14 days you make the balance of payment
  • 9We will provide a custom van fit-out
  • 10While your van is being appropriately equipped, you will undertake our two-week training course, then you’re in business!

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 How long does the whole application process take?

The time taken for us to finalise our franchising process varies depending on the territories available, as well as duration of the van fit-out. Normally, it takes between six to eight weeks.

#2 Do I need previous experience to become a franchisee?

You will need some basic skills to become a franchisee with the Lounge Repair Guys. Don’t worry though – our training course covers all the skills you will need to run a successful business, once you’re on board with us. Provided you have the skills to operate basic power tools and work with timber and fabrics, you will be fine!

#3 Who pays for my training?

The cost of our training course will be covered by your initial investment. We conduct these courses from our head office, which is located in Queensland.

#4 What returns can I expect?

There are many factors and variables that can contribute to your returns. As a result, we cannot give you a definitive answer. We suggest contacting a financial advisor for advice on your business planning documentation.

#5 Does my initial investment cover the cost of a van?

Your initial investment does not cover the cost of the van. It does, however, cover the cost of all of the tools and equipment needed to run your business, our initial training program, van fit-out and subsequent marketing, administrative and technical support.

Become part of an established brand

Join the team

About the Lounge Repair Guys

The Lounge Repair Guys owes its success to the hard work and professionalism of Mark Watkins and Craig Lowman. Mark joined a family upholstery business over twenty years ago in the UK. In 2004 he left for Australia, where he found work at a furniture retailer. There, he met Craig who would later join him as a partner of the Lounge Repair Guys. Initially operating from a garage, the pair did not take long to find success. Mark’s wife Eva helped manage the administrative and financial aspects of the business. In 2009, Mark and Craig moved into their first professional workshop. Now, they have 5 technicians working under their name to service all of the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Northern NSW.

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Our Simple Business Model

At the Lounge Repair Guys, we believe much of our success is the result of a simple business model. We believe that excellent service and professional workmanship is all that you need to succeed as a franchisee. As one of our franchisees, most days will be structured as follows:

  1. Your van will be stocked and ready at 6:30am, with all the materials prepared for the day ahead. Your diary will provide you with a reminder of your schedule the night before.
  2. After a final check of the van, you will call your first client to confirm the job. The first job of the day is usually scheduled between 7:30am and 8:30am.
  3. Once each job is complete, you can update your diary and highlight any unresolved issues. Our CRM helps you keep track of your clients and remarket your services.
  4. Jobs can range from minor repairs for furniture stores, to major overhauls for private customers.
  5. Your day might consist of 2 big jobs, or 8 small jobs.
  6. Once all jobs are complete, you can load your van and prepare for the following day.
  7. Manage customers inquiry, book your diary and process your completed jobs.
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Own a Franchise

Owning a franchise with the Lounge Repair Guys gives you flexibility, support, market potential and access to national clients, including furniture manufacturers. In addition, you also get the backing of the Lounge Repair Guys’ widely recognised reputation. As a franchisee you are in charge of your career, which means that this role is well suited to individuals with a passion for hands-on work and excellent motivation. At the Lounge Repair Guys, we back our franchisees by providing a key territory, equipment, training, and support. With flexibility unlike any other career choice, this job fits around your lifestyle. Your hours are flexible, at around 30-40 per week, and you will have low overheads and running costs. We will provide you with marketing support, including branded signage for your van. To cover this, there is a royalty of 12% of gross sales and marketing fee of 2% of gross sales.

Are you searching for a professional service in Melbourne that can take care of your leather repairs and upholstery repairs?

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