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How To Choose A Living Room Furniture Set

30 Apr, 2020 | Tips & Advice

It’s one of the most widely used rooms in the home – somewhere we watch TV, entertain in and even sleep in! Therefore, buying new living room furniture is an investment that needs careful consideration. So whether you’re after a complete overhaul or a minor design upgrade, here are our top tips on choosing living room furniture.

Types Of Living Room Furniture


Lounges as part of a living room furniture set are usually chosen according to how many people need to be comfortably seated. Lounges are traditionally longer and provide more seats than couches or sofas. If you have an unusually shaped living room, consider modular lounges that feature different sections that can be put together or used independently. 


Recliners feature either a manual mechanism that adjusts according to your body weight, or an electric mechanism that reclines your body at the push of a button. Many also feature built-in footrests that support your feet when you recline. They offer unparalleled comfort as well as the perfect TV viewing angle!

Sofa Beds

For the ultimate in flexible furniture sets, sofa beds are the way to go. They are ideal for those living in smaller homes as they allow you to accommodate guests overnight without the need for an extra bedroom. There are two basic types – those that contain a frame and mattress within the sofa base, and those that fold down to form a mattress. Most come with a foam mattress that suits occasional use, however if your budget allows, consider one with a sprung mattress for additional comfort.

TV Units

When considering new living room furniture, a television unit will help you position your TV in the best way possible for viewing. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles, including corner units that can help save on floor space. Media units with several compartments will allow you to house additional equipment like your media player and DVD, and those with built-in stands will allow you to raise your TV to its optimal viewing height.

Coffee & Lamp Tables

Functional and decorative, coffee and lamp tables can provide extra storage and are ideal for presenting drinks and food as part of your furniture set. Round coffee tables are the perfect choice for smaller living rooms, and extendable versions with built-in leaves can be adjusted to suit the size of your party. Lamp tables should be around the same height as the arms of your lounge – the perfect height for the remote or your favourite book.

Features Of Living Room Furniture 

Choosing The Right Frame Material 

The material you choose for your furniture frames can have a big impact on the look, feel and ‘life’ of your purchase. Solid wood has a sturdy feel, is generally built to last for years and the grain of the wood can give your furniture a truly unique feel. Metal is a sturdy and modern-looking furniture material, is easy to maintain and offers fantastic longevity. Veneer furniture is made from medium-density fibreboard (MDF) covered in thin pieces of wood. It is generally lighter and more cost effective than other alternatives.

Choosing the Right Upholstery

Your choice of upholstery can also play an important role in the impact of living room furniture and how long it lasts. If you have children, try to avoid light colours (white in particular!) and choose materials that are durable like vinyl or leather. Plain neutral colours are more versatile than patterns, and ideal if you are prone to redecorating often! And furniture with slipcovers is a wise choice for pet owners as the covers are removable and can be easily cleaned.   

Before You Buy Living Room Furniture 

Choosing furniture is a matter of taste, however there are number of strategies that can affect how it looks in your living room. Darker woods look bigger and heavier than lighter woods so are best suited to larger rooms. Light coloured upholstery can create the illusion of space so is ideal for smaller living rooms. 

You should also measure the space available carefully before you purchase, as clutter is unsightly and can make a room look smaller. Be careful to factor in things like the position of TV antennas and room entry points, and if you are on a budget, try to match new living room furniture with the style and colours of your existing furniture.

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