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How to Repair Torn and Scratched Leather Upholstery?

25 Jul, 2017 | Tips & Advice

It doesn’t matter how durable your leather upholstery is, accidents happen.

A rogue pen, staple, scissors, cutlery or shoes can easily damage your leather. Perhaps it’s been a case of the kids using the couch as a trampoline, or your cat using your armrest as a scratching post? No matter how the damage was done, a torn and scratched couch not only looks bad, but it can be sharp and uncomfortable too.

This doesn’t mean it’s a case of out with the old and in with the new. Your torn and scratched leather upholstery can be repaired and brought back to life.

DIY couch repair

If you’re a gun at DIY, it can be tempting to take the repair of your torn or scratched couch into your own hands. You’ve found a host of how-to guides and DIY YouTube tutorials on how to repair torn and scratched leather upholstery, and you think you’ve got what it takes. It may appear to be a simple patch job you can do yourself to save money and hassle, but be warned, repairing leather upholstery is not as easy as it looks.

There’s no one size fits all approach for fixing leather upholstery. All scratches and tears are different and need to be treated differently. A leather repair kit might work well for one couch, but prove a disaster for another.

Fixing minor surface scratches is very different from repairing deeper and denser scratches. Torn leather is another story, especially when backing and stitching is involved. The type of couch or leather you are trying to mend can also add a level of difficulty. Getting tufted couches just right is no mean feat.

When it comes to repairing torn and scratched leather upholstery, it is a job best left to the experts. Professional leather technicians have the knowledge and expertise necessary to do a quality job, no matter the degree of tear or scratches. They know exactly what it takes to repair your couch and ensure the repair is seamless and long-lasting.

Finding the right materials

Glue, scissors, patches, oil, oh my! Depending on whether your leather upholstery is torn or scratched, you will need to stock up on leather repair materials. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be hard to know which materials are the right ones to use. The wrong scissors can do more damage than good. Glue can end up messy and difficult to use, while accurately matching patches to your couch with colourants can be an art form.

If trying your hand at a DIY couch repair kit sounds like a recipe for disaster, you’re not wrong. Why waste your time sorting through the overwhelming range of leather repair kits on the market hoping that you’ve chosen the right one for your repair needs? Save yourself the time and stress. Call on a leather upholstery professional. An expert leather technician has all of the materials on-hand to repair any type or degree of torn or scratched leather upholstery, not to mention the experience. Let the professionals take your couch woes off your hands and bring your leather back to new in no time. When you see how well and efficiently they can repair your leather, you’ll wonder why you didn’t contact them at the first sign of a rip or scratch.

Poorly repaired leather upholstery

A poorly repaired couch can be a pain in the backside – pun intended. If you don’t get your patching just right, or have pulled it too tight or loose, it can feel awkward and uncomfortable to sit on. Bumps, wrinkles and creases can feel irritating and look unattractive. Torn couches that are repaired to less than a professional standard run the risk of ripping or tearing again if put under pressure. Despite your best attempts, it can be difficult to achieve a ‘good as new’ look without professional experience and expertise.

Quality leather upholstery repair

If you want to extend the lifetime of your leather couch, chairs or sofa, it is essential your leather is repaired to the highest standard.

Engaging a qualified leather upholstery technician, who specialises in leather repair will ensure your torn or scratched leather is repaired professionally and repaired to last.

Qualified leather technicians are skilled at diagnosing and assessing your leather upholstery’s tear or scratch and can efficiently determine the best method of repair. They will not only repair your couch to excellent condition but strengthen the previously damaged and affected area.

Leather technicians know that poorly repaired torn and scratched leather can play a part in the gradual decline of your furniture and have a negative effect on its comfort and look. Contact a professional Brisbane upholsterer to give your furniture a new lease on life.

Leather repair professionals have all the materials and tools with them that are needed to repair your couch. This ensures all repairs are not only done efficiently but with the right equipment. There’s no time wasted rushing around to source the right materials. Leather technicians have everything they need to repair your couch in their well-equipped workshop.

Do you think your leather couch is beyond repair? Contact the experts in leather repair and you’ll be surprised how your torn and scratched couch can be brought back to life.

Why engage a leather repair expert?

Professional leather technicians:

  • are qualified and experienced in repairing all kinds of leather upholstery
  • can accurately and efficiently diagnose the issue
  • have the right tools for the job
  • work efficiently and precisely
  • make the mess in their showroom, not your living room
  • will do a top notch professional job
  • will have your leather couch, sofa or chair back to you in no time.

Discuss your leather repair needs

Want to bring your torn or scratched leather couch back to life? Contact the Lounge Repair Guy’s Brisbane upholstery team to make a booking and receive a quote. Once you’ve made a booking, a member of the team will visit your house to carefully diagnose the type of damage to your leather and outline options for repair. Assessing your torn or scratched leather is a free no-obligation service, so what are you waiting for?

Does your leather upholstery need a new lease on life? Contact the Lounge Repair Guys today to discuss the repair of your leather upholstery.


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