Furniture Repairs, Leather Lounge Repairs and Cleaning Melbourne

Our Melbourne lounge repair guy offers a comprehensive range of furniture and upholstery repairs:

  • Upholstery Repairs –stain removal, stitching repairs, pet damage repairs and accidental damage repairs
  • Furniture Repairs – repair of broken springs, broken feet, broken zips
  • Leather Lounge Repairs – scuffs, stains, peeling, cuts, cleaning and conditioning
  • Lounge Repairs – frame and interior repairs
  • Recliner Chair Repairs – supply and fit faulty parts to electric and mechanical recliners
  • Reupholstering – seat pads, bench seats, chairs, stools

To help us quote your repair, please use the the form below to send us a photo showing the current state of your furniture along with your details. If you have trouble uploading your photos to our form, please text them directly to 0405 252 657 with your full name. Thanks!

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Are you in need of a professional service in Melbourne that can take care of your upholstery repairs and leather repairs?

In all households, especially ones with high traffic, your furniture’s upholstery will gradually wear and deteriorate as the years roll on. No matter how hard you try, those stubborn stains and marks won’t come off. That’s where we come in.

At Lounge Repair Guys, we want to give your furniture a new lease on life! Replacing furniture is not cheap, and let’s face it, sometimes it is not an option. Why spend thousands when you could spend a fraction and have your furniture looking near new. Luckily, with a little TLC, we can get your beloved furniture looking its best again. Our Melbourne lounge repair guy specialises in upholstery repairs, leather repairs and reupholstering for a range of furniture. We can fix the upholstery on leather lounges, recliner chairs, sofa beds, outdoor chairs and more.

We also specialise in furniture repairs for a range of indoor and outdoor furniture

If you are in need of leather or upholstery repairs for your outdoor furniture, we have you covered. Our experts can repair seats, sofas and lounges, from frame repairs and foam replacements, right through to webbing and spring repairs. In a short amount of time, we can have your furniture looking great again. With our friendly, straight-to-your-door, mobile service we are able to offer you onsite repairs for the majority of furniture pieces. 

Give your furniture a new lease on life with our quality leather repairs, furniture repairs and reupholstering

At Lounge Repair Guys Melbourne, we understand the impact furniture can make to your living space. Not only does it provide a function and comfort, but it also adds to the look and feel of your home. If you have been considering purchasing new furniture becuse your current furniture is looking a liitle worse for wear, then reach out to us today. Let us restore your furniture to its former glory so it can remain as a furniture piece to be proud of. 

Your furniture is key to creating the look and feel of your home, so when it gets damaged, it affects your comfort and quality of life. But those special furniture items don’t have to be thrown away! Instead, you can call Lounge Repair Guys for the best furniture repairs in Melbourne.

Top quality repairs to indoor and outdoor furniture

Over time, your furniture is exposed to a lot of wear and tear. This means any number of types of damage can happen – it can fade in the sun, the stitching can break, or food and drink can be spilled on it. If you have kids or pets, the damage can be even worse!

But when you love a piece of furniture, you simply don’t want to let it go, as it is an integral part of your home. This is where Lounge Repairs Guys can help. We offer the excellent quality furniture repairs Brisbane residents are looking for, repairing a wide range of furniture including:

We can even repair your outdoor furniture, which can be badly damaged by being exposed to the constant demands of the Brisbane climate.

Find out more about furniture repairs Brisbane

Our highly experienced furniture repair team will consult closely with you to establish exactly what you want, and ensure we achieve the desired results. We can perform most repairs directly on your property, saving you time and money, but if a job is particularly complex, we can provide pickup and delivery services.

Repairing your furniture saves you the expense of buying these large items new, and enables you to get even more enjoyment from items of furniture you love, restoring the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your home.

Please contact our team for more information and a quote.

For quality repair and replacement of furniture upholstery in Melbourne, look no further than the team at Lounge Repair Guys. We pride ourselves on our ability to repair and replace the upholstery on almost any piece of furniture. Our team offers years of experience in reupholstering and the repair of upholstery in Melbourne so that you can get much more life out of your favourite furniture pieces. There’s no need to toss your beloved furniture pieces when the Lounge Repair Guys are only a phone call away!

Taking care of furniture and leather upholstery repairs in Melbourne

The Lounge Repair Guys serve residents from all around Melbourne, taking care of old and tired furniture with their door-to-door service. The mobile service means that you can take care of your furniture upholstery in Melbourne with little to no effort. We will come to you to perform more minor repairs, and for any bigger job, we will take your furniture away to repair and return it in better condition than you have seen in years. No matter where you’re based in Melbourne, taking care of your furniture upholstery has never been easier.

Expert repair and replacement of upholstery in Melbourne

With so many years of experience under our belts, the Lounge Repair Guys come to you with a set of skills that allows them to perform a wide range of services to take care of your furniture. From small tears or stains to the careful application of our leather upholstery repairs in Melbourne, we can take care of them for you no matter how big or small the problem may seem.

The services we offer range from repairing small rips and taking care of sun damage to leather dye transfer and larger tears. We can breathe new life into your old furniture with our reupholstery service, and we can even repair your outdoor furniture. If you think your furniture has had it, think again. The Lounge Repair Guys have achieved and delivered some truly astounding results, so don’t think for a second that it may be the end of the line for your sofas, chairs or patio furniture.

Choose the experts to revive your furniture

Melbourne has no better choice for upholstery and leather repair than the Lounge Repair Guys. With their friendly and convenient service, your furniture will be completely taken care of and lovingly restored to its former glory in no time at all. Our handy pick up and delivery service make your experience with us more convenient, eliminating the need for a truck or trailer rental.

The Lounge Repair Guys offer quality service at the right price so that you can experience your old furniture in a whole new way without hurting your pockets. Contact us for a free quote today and see how we can breathe new life into the old furniture you have at home.