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New Name, Same Quality! Mobile Upholstery Repairs Is Moving Forward

11 May, 2017 | Tips & Advice

We’ve decided it’s time to make a few changes. We spend our working days refreshing, rebuilding and recovering furniture – it’s about time we refreshed our business, too.

Mobile Upholstery Repairs is now known as Lounge Repair Guys. It’s a new brand with a slightly different focus, but ALWAYS with the same quality, expertise and customer service.

The Lounge Repair Guys story

Close to a decade ago, Mark had an idea. He wanted to offer customers the kind of high-quality service and personal touch they deserved. Mark wanted to provide the old-fashioned, personal service that other companies just couldn’t provide. Mobile Upholstery Repairs was born.

Mark saw the potential for his business and, almost immediately, Craig came on board as well. The boys moved their business (then called AAA Furniture & Repairs) to their workshop where they decided to focus on lounge repairs. They saw a real need in the market for high-quality lounge repairs that were reliable, professional and affordable. Streamlining their efforts into repair meant that they could truly provide for a niche market that all too often was on the receiving end of sub-par workmanship.

The key difference that Mobile Upholstery Repairs offered customers was the fact that they were willing and able to go to their customers and work on their terms. Whereas other companies expected customers to drag their items across town, Mark and Craig saw how travelling to people made all the difference.

Word of mouth spread as businesses let others know about the high level of service they received for a surprisingly low price. Customers were happy, the boys got busier, and the business grew and grew.

As time went on, the direction and focus of the team became clearer and it was decided that specialising in lounge repairs was the path ahead. This ‘little business that could’ is now revealing itself to be a formidable force in the upholstery and lounge repair industry – and it’s easy to see why.

That little business that started in Mark’s garage as a part-time venture is now a franchisor with franchisees working all over Australia and New Zealand. Ten years later it’s time for a change again – Mobile Upholstery Repairs is now becoming Lounge Repair Guys.

Why the change from Mobile Upholstery Repairs?

The key focus of Mobile Upholstery Repairs was always to make things as easy and pain-free for the customer as possible. This is a company that has a very difficult time saying ‘no’ to customers. We pride ourselves on trying absolutely everything possible to surpass expectations – including repairing your furniture in your own space!

Changing from Mobile Upholstery Repairs to Lounge Repair Guys is part of this very same philosophy. The new name is more in line with what people are searching for when they want to repair and revive their furniture to give it a brand-new lease on life.

This re-branding means that the company will be easier to find and it will also be easier for new customers to understand the services being offered. It’s exactly what it says on the box – Lounge Repair Guys!

A newer, more personal focus

In its previous life as Mobile Upholstery Repairs, Lounge Repair mainly dealt with commercial clients. Big businesses who needed to keep up appearances wanted a professional touch that they could trust in order to put their best face forward to their own customers.

Those boys back in that garage wanted to help everyday people have a sense of pride in their homes and their belongings, too. Offering a high-quality level of lounge repair to private customers will be much easier to do with this new name and is more in line with the direction the business is moving in.

It’s a recognisable, accessible brand that will be easy to remember and far easier to allow busy people to connect with the service they need. Lounge Repair Guys will allow a consumer who isn’t necessarily familiar with the upholstery and re-upholstery process to still access a high level of craftsmanship without the hefty price tag.

A new level of quality service

The traditional service offered by Mobile Upholstery Repairs remains the same – just with a new direction and a renewed focus on the personal, everyday consumer. Lounge repairs, recliner rescuing and sofa bed saving are all part of the service. Staff who come to you to carry out repairs in your home are industry experts in frame repair, foam replacement, spring repair and webbing. Combatting stains and ink marks, repairing stitching and addressing problems with cracked or peeling leather are no problem for the Lounge Repair Guys.

We won’t shy away from the bigger, complex jobs either. Whereas some companies would simply put you in the ‘too hard basket’, you can trust the Lounge Repair Guys to save your long-suffering lounge. Tricky issues like large leather tears, faded and lost colour, sun fading and bleaching and even pet damage will be individually assessed so a personalised repair plan can be enacted. Nothing is too hard and no job is too small or too big.

Traditional values in a modern company

Lounge Repair Guys are serious about the promises that we make to our customers. We offer high-quality workmanship at an affordable, competitive price. An efficiency guarantee is offered so you can be assured work will take place in a timely, professional fashion. This is first-class customer service at its very best.

Mobile Upholstery Repairs is changing to Lounge Repair Guys to reflect the needs of today’s customers and the language they use to find the service they need. The dream is, as it always was, to offer a gold quality service that lets the customer relax and know their beloved furniture is in good hands.

It’s all about respect – respect for materials, respect for the industry and respect for the individual client.

Ten years in the game, that little business that started in Mark’s garage now has locations all over South-East Queensland and franchisees all over Australia – as well as across the Tasman! This rebranding and refocus is sure to allow this company to continue to grow from strength to strength. Who knows what the next ten years will bring?

Mobile Upholstery Repairs is now known as Lounge Repair Guys. Got a question? Please get in touch today to learn more about our furniture repair services.


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