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An inviting home to come back to at the end of the day goes hand-in-hand with truly comfortable furniture. The comfort of your furniture often depends on its condition, so it’s essential to protect and maintain your furniture. However, there are many factors that can potentially damage your furniture on a daily basis. Pets and children can scratch or stain your furniture and you can be left with unsightly damage. Food stains, rips, tears, scuffs, broken parts and even general deterioration can all work towards prematurely destroying your furniture. This can be a real problem for many homeowners, as furniture isn’t cheap and replacing it can often leave you thousands of dollars out of pocket. Not to mention that some items of furniture carry considerable sentimental value, such as treasured pieces that are passed down from generation to generation. However, repairing or restoring your favourite furniture is not always easy. With so many types of furniture available on the market, it is challenging for some companies to keep up with furniture repair guidelines and some repairs simply cannot be done without the right tools and expertise. This is where the team here at Lounge Repair Guys can help you. We’re the leaders in furniture restorations on the Sunshine Coast and we’re able to restore furniture from almost any condition.

At Lounge Repair Guys, we understand that furniture carries a great deal of value – both in terms of money and sentiment– which is why we are passionate about offering the best possible service. Our team is comprised of expert technicians with a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field of furniture repairs. We strive to remain on the leading edge of furniture solutions and we keep up to date with all of the latest furniture instalments throughout the Sunshine Coast and beyond. In fact, we have access to some of the most advanced furniture technology from the UK and the US, which places us in the ideal position to repairs all furniture – from outdoor lounge suites to electric recliners and everything in between. We do everything possible to make your experience with us stress-free and we aim to deliver the best value for money on the Sunshine Coast. For your peace of mind, we also offer insurance quotes and independent furniture inspections.

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  • Happy Customer

    I was super impressed with everything. Turned up on time workmanship great. Great job Thanks Gabbi

  • Happy Customer

    Professional and prompt our lounge was sinking in the middle and although in good condition was uncomfortable. Lounge Repair Guys came to our house and re-padded the seats there and then our Lounge is just like new and more comfortable than ever. Thank you Mark and Craig.

  • Happy Customer

    I had 2 sofas partly reupholstered & couldn't be more pleased with the result. From start to finish the service from the staff (including the pick up & delivery which was done to suit my needs) was excellent. Workmanship is exemplary & price was very reasonable.

  • Happy Customer

    Fantastic service, Thanks Gabi and your guys. The couch looks so much better than we thought it would, like brand new and for the best quote that we received. We love it and can't recommend your services enough!

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Your Best Choice For Furniture Repairs

Furniture is expensive and here at Lounge Repair Guys, we strive to help you get the most out of your money. Our services are targeted at saving you not only money, but also the comfort and familiarity of your favourite furniture. We understand that damage is inevitable when it comes to furniture and upholstery, which is why we have expanded our services to account for the possible damage your furniture might sustain over the years. We provide comprehensive solutions for superficial damage, including cuts, tears, scuffs, rips and fading; these issues are easily solved with our range of upholstery repair services. We’re also well equipped to address more complicated cases of furniture damage, such as broken recliners – including electric recliners. Many people are not familiar with the complexity of electric recliners – which consist of locking springs, motors, buttons and transformers – and this makes repairing them almost impossible without the right knowledge and equipment. Fortunately, we have a well-stocked workshop and the best furniture restorers in the business, which means that we’re more than capable of repairing all your recliners, whether they are mechanical or electrical. We also deal with lounge damage, ranging from frame and stitching repairs, to foam and fibre replacement. We can even customise your lounge to better suit your needs. We have access to a vast range of upholstery materials from a number of different suppliers and this allows us to repair or restore almost any type of furniture. With our comprehensive range of services, we aim to deliver:

  • Efficient and effective service
  • A full suite of furniture repair solutions
  • A diverse range of repair options to suit everyone’s needs
  • A dedicated and experienced team of local furniture repairers

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To help us provide you with your repair quote, please send a close-up photo of any damage, a photo of the whole piece of furniture and a brief description covering any important details. We’ll get back to you normally the same day.

To help us quote your repair, please use the the form below to send us a photo showing the current state of your furniture along with your details. If you have trouble uploading your photos to our form, please text them directly to 0405 252 657 with your full name. Thanks!

Maximum upload size: 10MB
Accepted file types: jpg & png

Our Proven Furniture Repair Process

At Lounge Repair Guys, we understand the unique nature of individual items of furniture and we’re aware that each item of furniture requires a specific and unique approach to restoration. To ensure that our solutions are perfectly compatible with your problem, we have devised a target service approach aim at ascertaining your exact needs and developing the perfect repair solution.

1/ Receive your furniture repair quote and we’ll schedule a visit

The first stage of our process is a free, no-obligation quote. To get your quote simply text us or email us with some photos of your furniture repair issues. For the most accurate quotes, we need at least one photo of the furniture item as a whole, at least one close up photo of the damage in question and some basic information about what you would like us to do. With this, we can develop a quote and usually return it to you within twenty-four hours. If you accept the quote, we can arrange a day and time for one of our local Sunshine Coast specialists to visit you and either complete the work onsite or take the necessary measurements to complete the task at our workshop. We will call you one day before your appointment to confirm your availability.

Quote - Lounge Repair Guys

2/ We will come to you at the agreed time

About half an hour before your restoration technician arrives, we will phone you and confirm that you’re home and ready for us. When we get to your home or business, we will begin completing the quoted repair. If you repair job requires us to order parts, we will need to take the necessary measurements and return to our office to order the parts or materials. We do require a fifty per cent deposit on parts or materials prior to ordering. Sometimes, we require sewing machines or other specialised tools to properly repair your furniture and in these cases, we will have to take your furniture back to our workshop. For your convenience, our dedicated removalist team will collect your furniture and take it to our workshop, before delivering it back to you when the repair is completed.

Amazing Finish - Lounge Repair Guys

3/ Your repair warranty

Once your furniture has been repaired or restored to perfection, we will provide you with the necessary details to make your final payment. We like to offer you a number of payment options so that any inconvenience to you is minimised. Our payment options include credit card over the phone, cash, cheque and bank transfer. During this time, we will also offer you the relevant warranty information, which will include your twelve-month workmanship warranty that is offered for all of our repairs and restorations, unless otherwise stated. Our suppliers also offer some warranties on their goods, however we will discuss these details with you prior to ordering any parts or materials. On top of our warranty, we offer ongoing service to you, wherever necessary.

Beautiful Results - Lounge Repair Guys

Furniture upholstery and repair services

We provide a great variety of furniture restoration services across the Sunshine Coast. You can view some photos of our past work on our website, under the ‘gallery’ tab, or on our blog.

Commercial Restoration & Warranty Servicing

Lounge Repair Guys provide a wide range of commercial furniture and fixture repairs including warranty repairs, upholstery recovers, furniture maintenance and refurbishment or restoration.

Leather Lounge Repairs

At Lounge Repair Guys, we can have your leather looking brand new again. We have all the expertise necessary to address leather dye transfer, stains and ink marks, undone or broken stitching and cracking or peeling leather and more.

Furniture Repairs

At Lounge Repair Guys, we’re experienced in all furniture repairs and restoration. We can fix damaged or deteriorating furniture with our range of services, including recliners repairs, lounges and sofa beds, as well as frame repairs, foam replacements, webbing and spring repairs.

Upholstery Recovers

At Lounge Repair Guys furniture recovering is our speciality, and we offer recovering services for dining chairs, medical and dental chairs and commercial furniture upholstery and seating. We can also recover lounge suites, ottomans, outdoor cushion and cane lounge cushions.

Quality furniture repairs

For the best results contact Lounge Repair Guys

If you have some furniture that could use an overhaul, or even just a touch up, then get in contact with us for a free, no obligation quote.

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Furniture Restoration FAQs

#1 Is it cheaper to get my furniture repaired or replaced?

In almost every case, it will be far cheaper to get your furniture repaired. Brand new items of furniture can cost thousands of dollars in some instances, which is far more than the cost of a standard repair.

#2 What is included in the price of your furniture repairs?

Each furniture repair job we do is different and to price each one accurately, we have to take a number of things into consideration. All of our furniture repairs will include the cost of labour, and depending on the precise nature of your repair job you might pay for parts, custom materials, fabrics, pick up services and delivery services.

#3 Can you customise my furniture during the renovation process?

We have considerable experience customising items of furniture and can easily provide you with a wide range of custom solutions including lounge remodelling, manual to electric recliners, custom bed heads, cushions, benches and even custom made upholstery covers for cars and sports equipment. If you have your own unique customised idea then get in contact with us and we can work out how to make it a reality.

#4 Are you able to manage large-scale furniture restoration projects?

We are able to manage large and even commercial furniture restorations and we can even repair a large volume of lounges or seats, such as the ones you might find in a theatre. If you require the restoration of a large number of furnishings then give us a call and we can discuss some of the details to develop a solution.

#5 Do your furniture restoration services extend to more remote areas in the hinterland?

At Lounge Repair Guys, we strive to deliver our services to as many people as possible. As a part of this, we do service remote areas, however we impose a surcharge to account for the added cost of travel and labour. If you live remotely and would like your furniture repaired, then get in touch with us and we can work through the details to develop a solution.

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