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The Best Materials For Outdoor Furniture

22 Nov, 2019 | Tips & Advice

When it comes to choosing outdoor furniture, it should be both stylish and comfortable, however it also needs to withstand the elements. Different materials for outdoor furniture create different results, and different properties also mean that some perform better than others in certain conditions. So what are the best materials for outdoor furniture?

Timber is solid and durable

When it comes to outdoor furniture materials, timber is a traditional choice, particular if you choose naturally beautiful timbers like teak or hardwood. It is very hardy, doesn’t crack or warp, and remains cool to the touch even when exposed to harsh sunlight. Because it’s also quite heavy, it’s ideal for particularly windy locations like balconies. 

If you’re considering buying timber outdoor furniture, check that it’s resistant to decay and insects, make sure it’s oiled regularly, and have a few seat cushions handy if you plan to keep the celebration going for a while! (Ask us about our range!)

Wicker is light and comfy

Wicker outdoor furniture, particularly if it’s made from synthetic materials, is UV-resistant, easy to move around, easy to clean and comes in many shapes and styles. It’s also suited to a wide variety of designs, so suits both modern and traditional homes. 

However, some wicker furniture may need to put away in windy conditions because of its lightweight qualities, and it does need ongoing maintenance to keep it looking good – soapy water should do the job! It’s also worth investing in some matching outdoor cushions that repel moisture, dry quickly and resist mildew, fading and insects to keep everyone comfy. We manufacture a wide range of cushions suitable for outdoor use, and can also refurbish your favourite cushions if they are looking a little worse for wear. 

Metal is strong and easy to maintain

One of the best materials for outdoor furniture is metal, which is generally either wrought iron, stainless steel or aluminium. Wrought iron furniture is super-durable, however does require maintenance to keep it free from rust.  Stainless steel furniture is a good alternative as it’s virtually maintenance free, but it can be expensive. 

The third option is aluminium outdoor furniture. It is lightweight, incredibly strong, resistant to corrosion and requires minimal care. It can also be shaped into more complex designs, so comes in a wide range of colours, styles and textures. Because it’s a more modern material, it also represents excellent value for money.

Plastic is versatile and inexpensive

When it comes to the best materials for outdoor furniture, synthetic materials like modern-day plastics are becoming more popular. Resin outdoor furniture is fade resistant, lightweight and can be moulded into virtually any décor style imaginable. 

Furniture made from HDPE or high-density polyethylene is tough, extremely durable, and can be exposed to UV rays for years without showing any signs of wear. And for those after a ‘greener’ choice, recycled plastics are strong, easy to clean and resistant to things like moisture, mildew, insects and salt water.

Combining materials up the advantages

A combination of outdoor furniture materials can be a clever way of taking advantage of the best features from different types of materials. 

For example, wooden or metallic frames can be topped with materials like tempered glass, which is resistant to temperature changes. Powder-coated aluminium can be trimmed with the natural beauty of timber to create a sleek, modern look that’s lightweight and super-durable. Mix-and-match with a few resin chairs and you’ll have style as well as a touch of originality. Enjoy the outdoors! 

Regardless of the type of outdoor furniture you choose, it will look even better styled with a few beautiful cushions. We manufacture and repair cushions of all kinds! 

If you have any questions, you should contact the experts at Lounge Repair Guys. They will be able to address your queries with expertise and authority, so you get the answers you need when you need them!



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