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Which Lounge Suite Suits Your Lifestyle?

4 Nov, 2014 | Tips & Advice

The lounge is around for those lone moments, great moments, happy moments, sad moments, family moments and friendly celebrations. We live on lounges sometimes, spending spare hours on well-worn cushions, cradled by comfortably padded by great sweeping arms and that familiar smell of home, or so it would seem.

And while this is true for most of us, not every lounge or couch matches the wide range of needs and daily demands out there – you wouldn’t find a restored French chaise in a house full of little kids and curious fingers, and you’ll probably be squeezed to find a busted but beloved leather three-seater in the refined home of a retired, inner city couple. So which lounge suite will suit your lifestyle for the years to come? The team at Lounge Repair Guys have done some research for you…

The Loveseat

Two-seaters are mainstays for the young or newly coupled, perhaps freshly moved out for the first time and hoping to make it on their own without relying on the ‘rents too much. Usually inexpensive and available in a rainbow of colours, loveseats can be as fancy or functional as you need them to be. Leather and woven fabrics are two favourites in terms of material, with both lasting the distance, although the former requires more care than the rough and tumble fabrics.

The Chaise

This lounge suite screams class and haute couture, right here in Brisbane. Chaises are popular with local interior design firms, adding a touch of elegance to a muted room without overpowering the understated effect. Attention grabbers, the chaise requires a lot of upkeep, from polishing and treating the framing wood, to ensuring the upholstery remains in prime condition. Not a lot of fun (but many photo ops) can be had on a chaise, so if small children are concern, keep this one reserved for later on.

The Leather Lounge

Who doesn’t love a leather lounge? Comfortable and warm in winter, the leather lounge is a friend to warmer environments, as it doesn’t absorb the sweat and spills of summer, provided you’re diligent in your treatments and regular wipe downs. Repairs are easy enough to come by, should tears turn into rips and a five year upholster refresh can reinvent an old piece without buying a new lounge. Leather is easily worn in, moulding to the shapes of your family and providing a haven for those wanting to read a book or watch TV.

The Recliner

Kick back, relax and enjoy yourself in a single, double or triple recliner. Lounge suites are no longer upright affairs, with many fabric and leather incarnations featuring all the convenience of a single recliner, down to the cup holders. Designed for the ultimate coach commander, the recliner is for those who are serious about their relaxation – they’re a little harder to update though, so be sure you really love the colour!

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