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3 Reasons to Give An Old Favourite Another Chance

2 Dec, 2014 | Tips & Advice

Furniture is a funny thing. When we first bring it home, it’s a blank slate, pristine and pretty, untouched by grubby hands and not one foot has ever dared to find itself where it shouldn’t. Over the years, it witnesses our lives, our memories; we work at the kitchen table, reclining back in our chairs and tapping our hands on the darkened wood; we escape on our couches, tired of life and trying to navigate its latest drama. Furniture is an instrumental part of our everyday habits. If you need 3 reasons to give an old favourite piece of furniture a chance, let Lounge Repair Guys convince and entertain you.

It Could Work Out Cheaper

Everybody wants to save a buck where they can. When old piece breaks, there’s a moment of sadness when you realise you’ll have to replace it and quite possibly never find its like again. Chances are, you’ll spend too much on some mass produced item – because that’s all they sell now – which will break in a few years and have to be replaced. But you won’t care, because it was never as good, never as comfortable. This doesn’t have to be you. Mobile upholstery repair is nowhere near as expensive as it sounds; it simply cures a momentary lapse in usefulness and presents your old favourite in a new skin.

You Love It

Furniture rarely achieves any outward affection; people don’t hug their recliners, they don’t kiss their couches or converse with their dining set. Instead, they direct their habits around these stationary objects, counting down the minutes until they can spend time sinking into the softness of a familiar lounge suite or enjoy a meal with a loved one. If you can’t imagine life without it, why live life without it? Everything of value can be repaired! And you know you value your furniture.

You Hate Everything Else

You’re not thrilled with the latest furniture offerings flooding the stores and warehouses. There’s something about them you just can’t picture in your own home – they’re not as cushy or relaxing, you hate the colours and the dining sets are absolutely hideous. You’ve designed entire décor schemes around these pieces – why should you replace them for good? Simply ask Lounge Repair Guys to pop around and we’ll make your old stand-by new again.

Really, with reasons like these, who wouldn’t want to update their already existing furniture? New look, same stuff on the inside. Get in touch with the upholstery experts today on 1300 10 15 10.

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