Furniture Repairs, Leather Lounge Repairs and Cleaning Toowoomba

Our Toowoomba lounge repair guy offers a comprehensive range of furniture and upholstery repairs:

  • Upholstery Repairs –stain removal, stitching repairs, pet damage repairs and accidental damage repairs
  • Furniture Repairs – repair of broken springs, broken feet, broken zips
  • Leather Lounge Repairs – scuffs, stains, peeling, cuts, cleaning and conditioning
  • Lounge Repairs – frame and interior repairs
  • Recliner Chair Repairs – supply and fit faulty parts to electric and mechanical recliners
  • Reupholstering – seat pads, bench seats, chairs, stools

To help us quote your repair, please use the the form below to send us a photo showing the current state of your furniture along with your details. If you have trouble uploading your photos to our form, please text them directly to 0405 252 657 with your full name. Thanks!

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Are you searching for a professional service in Toowoomba that can take care of your leather repairs and upholstery repairs?

Over the years your furniture’s upholstery will gradually wear and deteriorate. With the addition of pets, children and the odd spill, your furniture can gain unsightly stains and marks that just won’t come off with cleaning. Additionally, the blazing Toowoomba sun can quickly fade your upholstery, making your furniture look dull and tired. That’s where we come in.

At Lounge Repair Guys, we believe in giving your furniture a second chance. Furniture’s not cheap and sometimes replacing it is not an option – especially if the furniture is an heirloom or holds sentimental value. Luckily, with a little TLC, we can get your beloved furniture looking its best again. Our Toowoomba lounge repair guy specialises in upholstery repairs, leather repairs and reupholstering for a range of furniture. We can fix the upholstery on leather lounges, recliner chairs, sofa beds, outdoor chairs and more.

We also specialise in furniture repairs for a range of indoor and outdoor furniture

If it’s furniture repairs you’re after, we’ve got you covered. Our furniture repair experts can repair all sorts of seats, sofas and lounges. We can do everything from frame repairs and foam replacements, to webbing and spring repairs. No matter what you need, our dedicated furniture repair experts will have your furniture looking great in no time. Don’t have the time or the transport available to bring your furniture to us. Not to worry! We offer onsite services for majority of our repairs.

Give your furniture a new lease on life with our quality leather repairs, furniture repairs and reupholstering

At Lounge Repair Guys Toowoomba, we know how important your furniture is to your living spaces. Not only does it provide comfort, but also adds the right look and feel to your home. If your furniture is looking a little worse for wear, then contact our experts today. No matter how old your furniture is, or how worn it’s become, we’ll restore your furniture to its former glory and ensure that it remains a source of pride in your home.

Looking for professional quality furniture repairs in Toowoomba?

Want to give new life to the furniture you love?

Lounge Repair Guys can help.

Whether your upholstery is stained or faded, or your leather furniture is worn and torn, we can tackle a huge variety of furniture repair jobs and offer the highest quality, professional results every time.

Indoor and outdoor furniture repairs in Toowoomba

When the furniture you love gets damaged, this can cause a huge amount of disruption to your lifestyle. Your furniture has a significant influence on the look and feel of your home, so when its appearance is ruined, or it is not as comfortable as it used to be, things simply don’t feel right.

Now there is no need to spend out on expensive new furniture, or abandon those favourite items you love. No matter the damage, no job is too big or too small for Lounge Repair Guys. We will give our utmost care and attention to your furniture and restore it to its former glory, enabling you to enjoy an attractive and comfortable home once more.

Our specialist areas are repairs to upholstery and leather furniture. Whether you need a small tear fixing or a complete reupholstering job, we can achieve the professional results you are looking for. We can remove stains, restore the appearance of furniture which has faded in the sun, and even repair frames and replace foam to give you the looks and comfort of brand new furniture without the expense.

From lounges to sofa beds, recliner chairs, and even outdoor furniture, we will work with you to achieve the results you want and exceed your expectations with our skilful, prompt and highly convenient service.

Find out more about our Toowoomba furniture repair services

If you are based in Toowoomba and you are looking for the highest quality furniture repairs, look no further than Lounge Repair Guys. Call us today for a consultation and quote, and give new life to all your favourite furniture.