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  • servicesBroken springs, damaged frames, broken feet
  • servicesPets, children, food spills, sun fading or even just damaged or deteriorating stitching
  • servicesDamage to the frame, webbing, foam, seats or even zips, we can help

Lounge Repairs

Return your fabric lounge to showroom condition

Lounges form a vital part of all living rooms and are one of the most frequently used items of furniture in any house. Unfortunately, this frequent use can see your couch sustaining considerable damage over a relatively short period of time. Ruined upholstery, broken springs, damaged frames, broken feet and more can all afflict your couch and have quite an impact on its comfort, visual appeal and functionality. This is a problem for most homeowners, as replacement lounge suites and couches are often remarkably expensive and it is simply not reasonable for you to have to replace yours every couple of years. The same can be said for business owners who offer lounges to customers or clients in a more commercial setting. Daily wear and tear will gradually be the demise of your lounge, so it is important to act quickly and address any damage as it arises, to help keep your couch in perfect condition and avoid the excessive cost of purchasing a brand new one.

Here at Lounge Repair Guys, we are aware of the many issues that can arise with your couch and we are experts at fixing lounges of all description. Our priority is simple: to deliver a cost-effective alternative to replacing your couch. We are specialists in leather lounge repairs and our technicians are familiar with each and every component of your couch, which enables them to provide targeted and effective solutions that can keep your lounge in optimum condition for years to come. At Lounge Repair Guys, we understand the extent to which broken or damaged lounges can affect your comfort and we aim to provide you with the services necessary to make your couch comfortable again. As well as this, we strive to save you the time and money required to purchase a new one, whilst ensuring that your lounge is restored to showroom condition. With us, you get on-site couch repairs, convenient service and the comfort of your familiar furniture, combined with a perfectly restored feel and appearance.

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  • Happy Customer

    I was super impressed with everything. Turned up on time workmanship great. Great job Thanks Gabbi

  • Happy Customer

    Professional and prompt our lounge was sinking in the middle and although in good condition was uncomfortable. Lounge Repair Guys came to our house and re-padded the seats there and then our Lounge is just like new and more comfortable than ever. Thank you Mark and Craig.

  • Happy Customer

    I had 2 sofas partly reupholstered & couldn't be more pleased with the result. From start to finish the service from the staff (including the pick up & delivery which was done to suit my needs) was excellent. Workmanship is exemplary & price was very reasonable.

  • Happy Customer

    Fantastic service, Thanks Gabi and your guys. The couch looks so much better than we thought it would, like brand new and for the best quote that we received. We love it and can't recommend your services enough!

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Comprehensive lounge repair service

Many people aren’t aware of the many problems that can affect a couch until they experience it. Couches have a surprising number of components and if even one of these is damaged, your lounge can become unsightly, uncomfortable or simply impractical as a whole.

The most frequent cause for repairs

Often, the upholstery of your couch will be the first to go and this can be caused by pets, children, food spills, sun fading or even just damaged or deteriorating stitching. Fixing upholstery can be a considerable challenge without the right knowledge and equipment, which is why we recommend talking to an expert. Lounge Repair Guys are the leading lounge upholstery experts! We’re well equipped to return your lounge’s upholstery to perfect condition and we can supply you with a wide variety of upholstery options from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

A myriad of solutions to repair your couch

Whether your problem is damage to the frame, webbing, foam, seats or even zips, we can help. No job is too big or too small for our lounge repair technicians to manage and we have access to replacement parts and materials from international leaders in lounge products. Our service is centred on you and we want to deliver service that not only addresses your problem in a targeted and efficient manner, but also provides you with convenient and personalised service. We recognise the multitude of issues that you might face when it comes to lounge maintenance and we pride ourselves on offering a solution to every problem. Some of the benefits you will get with our Brisbane couch repairs service from Lounge Repair Guys include:

  • Competitive prices with free quotes and no hidden costs
  • Fast, direct and cost-effective service
  • Professional and experienced technicians with a wealth of knowledge in lounge repairs
  • A targeted solution to all of your furniture problems

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We’re the lounge repair experts. If your lounge is in desperate need of some care, get in touch today. Simply send through an enquiry together with a few photos of your couch, so we can give you an initial estimate.

To help us quote your repair, please use the the form below to send us a photo showing the current state of your furniture along with your details. If you have trouble uploading your photos to our form, please text them directly to 0405 252 657 with your full name. Thanks!

Maximum upload size: 10MB
Accepted file types: jpg & png

Our lounge upholstery repair process

Here at Lounge Repair Guys, we recognise that the problems faced by couch owners across Brisbane vary greatly in nature. Each lounge is likely to be slightly different and with a variety of different parts in each model. Plus it’s unlikely that the damage sustained by each lounge will be the same. To ensure that we deliver the most targeted and complete lounge repair solution, we’ve developed a specific and refined service approach that is designed to first assess your needs, before identifying the most suitable repair solution.

1/ Contact us for a free lounge repair quote

If you are looking to get your lounge repaired, the first thing to do is contact us! We can give you a free, no obligation quote without you even having to leave your home. Simply email or text us with some information regarding your lounge and the damage it has sustained. To give you the most accurate quote, we need at least one image of your lounge as a whole and at least one close up image of the damage in question. With these photos and a few brief details, we will send you through a quote – usually within a day. If you like what we have quoted, we can move on to the next step and arrange for one of our lounge repair technicians to come to your home or business and repair or assess the damage to your couch. We will phone you about one day before your visit is scheduled to make sure that the time is still convenient for you.

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2/ We will come to you!

When you arrange for an on site visit, we will call you the day before it is scheduled to confirm. Following this, our lounge repair technician will contact you approximately half an hour before the estimated time of arrival and make sure you are home and ready. When our technician arrives, we can proceed immediately with the quoted work; most of the time this can be completed on site. Unfortunately however, some repairs will require that we take your furniture back to our workshop and we have a dedicated removalist team who will do this for you. This will be necessary for some jobs, such as panel replacement, that require a sewing machine. The same applies for some leather spraying, due to the amount of overspray that can occur.

We come to you

3/ 12 month warranty

Following the completion of your repair, we can discuss payment. We offer a range of payment options designed to make the process easy for you. Some of our payment options include credit card over the phone, cash, cheque and bank transfer, so you can simply choose one that suits you and our team will provide you with the relevant details. We also offer our warranty options including a twelve-month workmanship warranty on all the repairs we complete, unless we have to specifically exclude this for some reason. This warranty comes on top of the parts warranties offered by many of our suppliers. These warranties have differing terms, so we will fill you in on the details before you order the parts or materials in question.


Free, no obligation quote

We offer a free, no obligation quote and we will usually be able to get back to you within a day. If you have any queries or are interested to know some of your options, then we welcome the opportunity to discuss your furniture situation with you. If you are looking for some inspiration, we have some photos of our past jobs on our website and blog for your perusal.

Commercial Repairs

Lounge Repair Guys provide a wide range of commercial furniture and fixture repairs including warranty repairs, upholstery recovers, furniture maintenance and refurbishment or restoration.

Leather Lounge Repairs

At Lounge Repair Guys, we can have your leather looking brand new again. We have all the expertise necessary to address leather dye transfer, stains and ink marks, undone or broken stitching and cracking or peeling leather and more.

Furniture Repairs

At Lounge Repair Guys, we are experienced in all furniture repairs and restoration. We can fix damaged or deteriorating furniture with our range of services, including recliners repairs, lounges and sofa beds, as well as frame repairs, foam replacements, webbing and spring repairs.

Reupholstery & Recovers

At Lounge Repair Guys, furniture recovering is our specialty and we offer recovering services for dining chairs, medical and dental chairs and commercial furniture upholstery and seating. We can also recover lounge suites, ottomans, outdoor cushion and cane lounge cushions.

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Lounge Repair FAQs

#1 Can you repair a broken frame on site?

Yes, we can successfully complete a majority of broken frame repairs on site and in one visit.

#2 Can I select the firmness of my new foam?

We offer a number of firmness options for you to choose from and these include firm, medium firm and soft foams. On top of this, we offer waterproof foams for outdoor furniture.

#3 What is the difference between boosting my sinking seats and replacing the foam in my sinking seats?

Boosting involves adding extra foam to support the original foams, which is a good, cost effective couch repair solution. Replacing your foams involves removing the old ones and substituting them with new high-density foams. Replacing gives you the option to choose firmer or softer foams and restores the new couch feel to your lounge.

#4 What is the difference between loose stitching and a tear?

Many people mistake loose stitching for a tear, which is a somewhat more complex repair. Loose stitching is found along the seams of your lounge, whilst a tear would only be found beside the stitching or in the middle of an upholstery panel.

#5 Can stitching be repaired on site?

Repairing stitching can vary in difficulty. There are a few things we need to consider such as the position of the stitching and the size of the split seam. These dictate whether or a not a sewing machine is necessary and those that require a sewing machine unfortunately cannot be repaired on site.

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