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5 Reasons To Reupholster Your Lounge

28 May, 2020 | Tips & Advice

From afternoon naps to box-set binges, you and your lounge are probably spending a lot more time together lately, particularly with the challenges of the coronavirus. And even though quality lounges these days can last up to 15 years, gradually wear-and-tear will take its toll. 

But with many of us watching our hip pockets in these uncertain times, outlaying the cost for a new lounge is simply not an option. The solution? Enlisting the services of a professional (like us!) to reupholster your existing lounge for you. Here are the top 5 reasons to reupholster your lounge.

#1 – It’s Valuable 

One of the primary reasons for reupholstering a lounge is if it is valuable. This could be because its basic structure is of a high quality or it has a unique frame. It could also be valuable because of its historical age and therefore an antique and something you have invested in. 

Or it could be an heirloom that has been in the family for decades and a prized possession that has sentimental value. In other words, it’s irreplaceable!

#2 – It’s On The Nose! 

Soft fabrics unfortunately have a habit of holding onto smells, particularly in the upholstery and the padding underneath. This is particularly the case if you are dealing with children, pets or you have people in your household who regularly insist on putting their smelly feet up on your lounge! 

Regular cleaning (perhaps by a professional) may help, but even if you’re diligent about maintenance, sometimes odours will win the battle and continue to linger. 

#3 – The Fabric Is Damaged

Upholstery can become frayed or heavily stained over time simply due to wear and tear. Over-exuberant children and pets in particular can also cause unnecessary damage. And while some upholstery can be mended in the short term, eventually the fabric will give way and expose the padding underneath. 

Another reason to reupholster your lounge is because of fading, which can occur if your lounge is situated in front of a window that receives direct sunlight. In this instance, not only will the colour change, the sun’s UV rays can also weaken the fabric fibres to the point of ripping.

#4 – The Fabric Is Stained 

Unless your lounge is barely used, spillages and stubborn stains are unfortunately bound to occur. So it’s important to maintain the upholstery regularly, including spot cleaning spills as soon as they happen. However, some stains are just too deep-set for a quick fix or even a professional clean, and this is when a longer-term solution needs to be considered.

#5 – It’s Outdated

It may be one of the most favourite pieces of furniture you own, but is that oversized floral print really suited to your home’s décor now? It’s not surprising that styles and even people’s tastes change over time. However, what was fashionable years ago, may not necessarily be the case today. 

However, regardless of the ‘look’ you prefer and because it’s such a statement piece, reupholstering your lounge can actually be a great opportunity to experiment with different designs, palettes and fabrics. It’s also an easy way to subtly change the aesthetics of your home – for minimal cost! 

Most of us are spending a lot more time indoors at the moment, so why not consider giving your favourite lounging apparatus an overhaul? Contact the experts at Lounge Repair Guys. We are experts in a variety of furniture repairs and restorations!

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