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Got A Toddler? Here’s How To Protect Your Couch From Toddler Mess!

14 Oct, 2015 | Tips & Advice

Do you have young children? Before you admit décor defeat and settle with not having nice things, there is a way you can have the best of both worlds!

It is no secret toddlers are messy, sticky and chaotic little creatures. This is why it is vital you protect your couch and other furniture. Here are a few ideas on how you can achieve this!

Lounge protection

The frequent usage of a comfortable lounge will cause wear and tear over time, whether it’s a leather lounge, vinyl couch or a fabric covered sofa. Toddlers, as well as animals and even us adults can create marks, stains and scratches without realising the damage we’ve caused. There are several things you can do to minimise the risk and amount of damage caused to your couch over the years.

Stain repellent products

Don’t let your expensive lounge be spoiled by unsightly stains and marks. Most couch retailers offer a professional scotch guard or stain repelling treatment for your lounge before it has even left the store. This is a great way to ensure stains are kept to a minimum, and that any stain removal requires less effort on your behalf.

Tip: Are you still considering whether leather or fabric is the better option? If your budget permits, a good quality vinyl or leather should be considered. Even better if a darker colour is available. These will be easier to wipe down and keep clean.

Cover it up

No one wants to see their lounge damaged or have drinks spilt on it. There are so many products available that can help prevent marks and scratches from little hands and their activities. A popular choice among parents of young ones is the couch cover. These come in a variety of styles; fitted and loose. The fitted is obviously more attractive to look at but the loose one wins out on price. The advantage of these is that they can be washed as often as you like and, when the children are older, you can remove the cover to reveal the well-protected fabric underneath!

Set boundaries

By setting boundaries from a young age, your children will know exactly what is acceptable and what is not. Do not permit food or beverages to be taken into the living room, let alone enjoyed on the couch. Sharp objects such as utensils and toys should not be anywhere your lounge; this is the case whether it is fabric or leather! And always be wary of pens. Kids love to draw and your sofa is often their choice of canvas!

Short of wrapping your lounge in plastic, you will probably experience some form of stain, mark or sticky handprint from time to time. Kids will be kids! But by following the above tips, you can take steps towards protecting your couch from toddlers and hopefully get a few more years out of your carefully chosen lounge suite.

Need to protect your couch? Contact the team at Lounge Repair Guys for all your restoration needs!

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