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Recliner Chair Repairs – Electric and Mechanical

29 Jul, 2022 | Tips & Advice

Here at Lounge Repair Guys, we know lounges in all their shapes and sizes – leather, material, mechanical or electric – and we know how much you love them too.

Recliners are one of the most popular types of lounges in households today, and for good reason. We all know that moment when you sit yourself in your favourite recliner, lie back, pop up the footrest – and say “aahhh”. Now you can relax. 

But what do you do when there’s a problem with your beloved recliner and your “ahhh” moment doesn’t happen? 

Like anything that is used regularly, wear and tear can cause things to go wrong. The good news is there are things you can do at home yourself to repair recliner chairs, both mechanical and electric.

Have a read of our tips and tricks on how to repair a recliner chair below. And if you still can’t make it work, call us and we’ll give you the technical expertise you need.

Mechanical recliners vs electric recliners

There are two different types of recliners – mechanical and electric. Both provide great comfort when you kick back and relax, but they operate in different ways.

Mechanical recliners use a lever mechanism, while electric ones have an internal motor making them more complex. However, there are still some ways to fix both – and get back to relaxing as quickly as possible.

Common problems

Mechanical recliners 

Operating manually, mechanical recliners have a handle on the side of the chair which pops up the footrest when pulled. The handle works using a cable and locking springs.

Here are some common mechanical recliner problems and possible solutions:

Recliner handle doesn’t work

If you pull the recliner handle and nothing happens or it only partially reclines, there could be a snapped or loose cable, or a broken handle. There are some quick recliner chair repair fixes you can try below or these parts can be easily replaced.

Loose cable

To access the cable, turn the chair on its back and locate the end of the cable (z shaped tail) which will be on the same side as the handle on the chair. The z shaped tail should be connected to the release lever which is attached to the side of the mechanism. If it is not attached, you will see two holes on the release lever; reattached the cable z shaped tail to the holes on the release lever.

Broken cable

You can replace a broken cable yourself by tipping the chair upside down and finding where the cable (sometimes called a parachute cable) attaches to the mechanism at the bottom. Remove the cable by releasing the clip using pliers. Once you have replaced the cable, screw the handle back on the recliner.   

Tip: Pushing and pulling the handle regularly and quickly in daily use can cause problems. To prevent this from happening in future, hold the lever in the preferred position for at least five seconds.

Recliner opens but won’t close 

If your recliner keeps opening but won’t lock in, it could be caused by a broken or stretched locking spring. This can be easily replaced by getting in contact with Lounge Repair Guys the recliner chair repairs’ specialist. 

Recliner makes grinding or clunking noise

This is a common sign of a bent mechanism inside the recliner and, in most cases, it will need to be replaced.

Recliner is leaning

If the recliner footrest is leaning when it’s up, the reclining mechanism scissors could be bent or broken, which will need to be adjusted. In older chairs, the frame may have loosened over time. If this is the case we recommend contacting Lounge Repair Guys your local recliner chair repair experts. 

Electric recliners

With the touch of a button, an electric recliner can have you lying back in style in seconds. However, this powered convenience can also be the source of a variety of issues. 

Take a look at the list below and see our electric recliner repair solutions. 

*Note, whenever you are checking wiring or cables, always switch off the electricity first.*

Loose connection cables 

This can happen if you’ve moved the recliner or vacuumed around it – it’s quite easy to knock the cables by accident. Check all connections at the back of the recliner for any cable that is slightly unplugged and push it back in. It only takes one slightly loose cable to stop the recliner from working.

Recliner stops halfway when reclining
If your recliner stops part way as it’s going back, it can mean you have a faulty motor, which most likely needs to be replaced. As this is a more technical issue, you will need to contact Lounge Repair Guys, the electric chair repair specialists that have the knowledge and expertise to repair electric recliners.

 Faulty transformer

Your recliner’s transformer is the small black box at the back of the chair. It transfers the electric current to the motor and is a key component of an electric recliner. When it’s working, it will light up (often in green). If it’s faulty and not receiving power, the light won’t work. To test it, try replacing it with a transformer from another electric recliner. If it’s still not working, you can easily replace it by buying another transformer from Lounge Repair Guys, your local recliner chair repair specialist and installing it yourself. Contact Lounge Repair Guys the electric chair repair experts for advice or parts.

 Recliner won’t work after a storm 

A power surge during a storm can cause an electrical fault with the transformer. As with any faulty transformer, as stated above, you can replace it yourself. 

 Pressing buttons/remote control 

If your recliner’s remote control is not responding, it could indicate faulty buttons, a faulty motor or a torn cable within the chair. Cables that are hardwired to part of the recliner, such as the motor or side buttons, will need the whole part replaced. However other cables, which might be torn when being moved, cut accidentally by the internal mechanism or even chewed by a pet, can easily be replaced. In this scenario we recommend contacting the electric chair repairs’ experts at Lounge Repair Guys to fix the faulty or broken parts. 

 Recliner doesn’t work when pressing buttons

If the transformer’s light is on and power is going in, this suggests that the chair buttons or remote control is faulty. Make sure you’ve also checked the remote control batteries. It may be as simple as a few new batteries!

As you’ve now read, there are many reasons that your recliner can suddenly stop working or experience an intermittent problem. If the repair ideas that you can do at home don’t fix the issue, contact us at Lounge Repair Guys, the recliner chair repair specialists and we’ll get our expert team onto it – and have you lying back and relaxing again soon!

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